Buying a home in Finland – The Irish Times

Sir, – In the article “Rent Trap” (Weekend, October 23rd) “Amet” lamented that he was unable to save a sufficient sum to purchase a house in south Dublin, notwithstanding that he and his wife had a joint income of €175,000 a year.

He offered Finland as a country of similar size – presuming that population is the construct in question – as building 40,000 units a year. This effective housing policy has meant that here, a two-bedroom apartment bought 15 years ago in a town comparable to Castlebar was sold this year for the same price it was bought for – €43,000. Thus, a single person on minimum wage can purchase such a dwelling as repayments on a €40,000 loan over 20 years will amount to €190 a month at present rates of interest charged by Finnish banks.

If one does not wish to live in the Finnish equivalent of

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