COVID-19 vaccination and testing in Hungary – employment law perspective – Lexology

1. What options does the employer have to encourage employees to be vaccinated? Can the employer provide a financial incentive to employees? 

The employer can raise awareness and inform its employees of the benefits of a COVID-19 vaccination. It can also encourage vaccinations among staff by allowing inoculations during working hours and recording the time spent doing so as working time.

However, an employer cannot provide a financial incentive to employees. It cannot treat employees who do not wish to be vaccinated differently than those that do, since this could be considered health–related discrimination.

2. Is the employer obliged to offer vaccines (or can it voluntarily offer vaccines) to employees? Is the employer obliged to support (or can it voluntarily support) third parties or governmental institutions providing vaccines to employees?

Under the relevant Hungarian legislation, employers are not obliged to offer their employees the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


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