Israeli housing prices have nearly doubled in a decade, with no signs of slowing – The Times of Israel

It’s Saturday night on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv and a group of protesters is again gearing up for a rally against Israel’s soaring housing costs, as activist Daphni Leef prepares to address the crowd.

But the year is 2021, and unlike 10 years ago when Leef and her fellow activists led a protest movement that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets across the country, the crowd this past Saturday numbered barely several dozen — and Israel’s housing prices are nearly double what they were in 2011.

When Leef famously pitched a tent on Rothschild Boulevard one day in July 2011 to protest rising housing expenses, the average price for a four-room (three-bedroom) family apartment in Israel stood at approximately NIS 1,450,000 ($450,000 per the current dollar-shekel rates, and about $402,777 in late 2011 when the average rate was 3.6) — and was considered high at the

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