Landlords are getting their rent relief. So why are tenants getting kicked out? – Houston Chronicle

When Melanie Bryant learned that Texas Rent Relief had paid her landlord for the rent that she had missed, plus rent for the next month, she thanked the Lord. The relief, part of a nationwide program to help renters and landlords cope with the financial impacts of the pandemic, bought time before her youngest son, who has sickle cell anemia that heightened the risk of health complications from COVID, would have to return to work.

The $30,000 of aid paid her rent through the end of May. But on May 21, she received a letter from her landlord. It was a notice that her lease has been terminated.

As state and local government rush to distribute rent relief funds, attorneys and advocates say they’ve seen an uptick in the number of landlords who receive rental relief funds, only to soon after end their leases. The practice has raised questions about the

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