'Landlords will continue to quit the market until something is done' – Independent.ie

A couple left more than €30,000 out of pocket after a tenant stopped paying rent are calling for an overhaul of the dispute resolution process, describing it as “an utter failure”.

an Corbett and his wife Joy King-Corbett own a property in Co Limerick.

They spent two-and-a-half years battling to get a tenant out of the house after she stopped paying rent in December 2018.

The couple took a successful case with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) at the start of 2019 and subsequently had to go to court. The matter concluded only recently, and they have been told it is unlikely they will recover the money they are owed.

While Budget 2022 includes tax reliefs for landlords, Mr Corbett believes the Government needs to invest in a more adequate system, saying the RTB process is a “nightmare”.

“Landlords will continue to quit the market unless something is done,”

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