Limerick residents claim lack of accommodation has led to student criminality in off-campus estates –

A residents group has sharply criticised the University of Limerick, claiming its alleged failure to plan to meet demand for accommodation for its growing student population has contributed to a housing crisis and students engaging in criminality in off-campus housing estates.

It comes on the back of growing discontent among UL students, some of whom have been forced to pay up to €400 a week to stay in hotels due to a lack of student accommodation.

The residents group representing people who live in areas close to UL where student housing is provided, including at College Court, Elm Park, Hazlewood, Milford Grange and Oaklawns, said it was its view that “years of poor planning by university management has led to many issues including the rent crisis and commuter woes for their incoming students and the antisocial and sometimes criminal behaviour of a minority of UL students living in Houses of Multiple

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