Private registered provider (PRP) technical notes and definitions – GOV.UK


These technical notes and definitions support the latest statistics release on private registered providers social housing stock and rents in England. The release comprises of briefing notes, additional tables, look-up tools, supplementary documents and raw data, all available through the statistical release pages.

Data sources

PRP social housing stock and rents statistics are derived from the Statistical Data Return. This is the only survey of English PRPs that collects comprehensive data on the ownership and location of social housing stock. We collect these data to support regulation of our economic standards. Information on stock ownership, location, development and transfers is used to help ensure a risk-based and proportionate approach to regulation and to inform work on risk analysis and sector research.

We collect the SDR annually and the data are drawn from PRPs’ housing management records. Further information on the collection, processing and analysis of the data can be

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