Rents surge by up to 17% as laws flouted – Irish Examiner

The Government has ordered a crackdown on rogue landlords as rents have surged by as much as 17% in some parts of the country.

There have even been hikes of as much as 11% in high-demand areas where rental price increases are supposed to be controlled.

The average monthly rent nationwide now stands a €1,352 per month, up 7% year on year. 

Housing minister Darragh O’Brien has instructed the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) to “aggressively identify and pursue” rogue landlords.

He warned that some landlords are flouting the Government’s Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) legislation, which dictates that increases cannot be higher than general inflation.

However, an expert on housing policy, Dr Rory Hearne, said the latest rent increases are further proof that Government measures to protect tenants are failing. 

Housing minister Darragh O’Brien said that he is ‘particularly concerned for any tenants who might be facing, or are already contending with, a rent increase because of

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