Tánaiste accused of having ‘no empathy’ for people in housing crisis – BreakingNews.ie

The Tánaiste has been accused of having “no empathy” for those caught in the renting and housing crisis.

Eoin Ó Broin said Leo Varadkar is “directly responsible” for their hardship, more than any other politician.

The Sinn Féin housing spokesman also accused Mr Varadkar of failing to understand the housing crisis.

Mr Ó Broin’s criticism of the Tánaiste was in response to the Budget, which he claimed failed to include any measures to address the housing crisis and “sky-high rents”.

Leo Varadkar has no answers for renters – @EOBroin

“People renting, one in four households in the Tánaiste’s own backyard, cannot tolerate any more spin and inaction from this government.”https://t.co/D9wNSxc4ns pic.twitter.com/d9AzAbySW0

— Sinn Féin (@sinnfeinireland) October 14, 2021


“The last time I raised the plight of private renters with the Tánaiste was in September. I reminded him that during his decade in power, rents have increased 100 per cent,” Mr

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