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A Man of his Times: The Papers of Robert FitzGerald, 17th Knight of Kerry

by Adrian FitzGerald (Kingdom Books)

This is a valuable collection of the correspondence of Robert FitzGerald (1716-1781), knight of Kerry. The knights of Kerry belong to an early branch of the mighty Geraldines. There is uncertainty as to exactly how or when they received their title or, more accurately, their distinction.

Traditional accounts attribute the creation of this distinction and that of the white knight and the knight of Glin, to John FitzThomas FitzGerald of Shanid, who was killed at Callan on July 23, 1261. The story goes that he had three illegitimate sons by three different mothers and that he conferred the knighthood on these three sons by virtue of his royal seignory as a count palatine.


Although not as prominent in Irish history as the houses of Kildare and Desmond, nonetheless the knights

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