Eviction ban and evidence-based policy – The Irish Times

Sir, – Despite Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien adding his signature to the Lisbon Declaration in June, committing Ireland to work towards ending homelessness by 2030, and the publication of Housing For All reiterating this commitment, the number of homeless children has again risen sharply. In September, an additional 155 children were made homeless. This is almost certainly linked to the Minister’s decision to lift the eviction ban in April. The blanket moratorium introduced in March 2020 had an immediate effect on the levels of homelessness as the flow of households evicted from the private rented sector was stymied. In two short months, homelessness decreased by over 1,000 adults and children. The trend continued steadily downwards.

A policy which was working successfully had been ended, which is entirely at odds with recent governments’ overt commitments to “evidence-based policymaking”. What would they call the rejection of policies supported by hard

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