Finance Minister Conor Murphy loses vote on rates bill after whistleblower claims – Belfast Telegraph

The Finance Minister Conor Murphy has lost an Assembly vote to pass a rates bill with minimal scrutiny.

he bill was opposed by MLAs from the DUP, UUP, SDLP, TUV and People Before Profit.

This means the legislation will now pass through Stormont at a slower pace to allow more time for scrutiny.

Last week, the Belfast Telegraph reported the draft law had been put together to correct a mistake that could cost £255m, with the Minister attempting to limit the scrutiny.

A whistleblower also called the legislation an attempt to reverse a massive error that civil servants proceeded with despite legal advice highlighting the problem.

Just days before lockdown was announced last March, Land and Property Services (LPS) had been due to publish the first review of commercial property in Northern Ireland for three years.