Flashpoints emerge over Government plan to tackle mica crisis – The Irish Times

Flashpoints have emerged around the Government’s plan to tackle the mica crisis, with campaigners hitting back against multiple parts of the scheme which emerged over the weekend to fix homes built with defective blocks.

It is understood the plan envisages raising the current maximum 90 per cent grant to 100 per cent, covering up to €420,000 for demolition and rebuild, with a rebuild cost of €138 per square foot.

However, the Mica Action Group was scathing about these and several other aspects of the putative scheme, which may go to Cabinet as soon as this Tuesday. Michael Doherty, a spokesman for the Mica Action Group, said the proposals as reported have given the group “massive concerns”.

Eamonn Jackson shows the mica damage to his home in Milford, Co Donegal. Photograph: Joe Dunne

“Based on what we’re seeing, we’re going to be looking at a complete outright

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