Green camp divided into two groups, but only one is honest –

Ian O’Doherty asks (Irish Independent, November 13) why Greta Thunberg and her fellow protesters are opposed to those trying to make a difference and never protest against the worst environmental offenders.

here are two groups in the green camp – those who are genuinely concerned about the world and climate change and those who want to see the collapse of global trade and free market economics.

I will always have an ear for the first group, but the second do not have the honesty to admit they would prefer a world with no capitalism and no people.

Gerry Kelly

Rathgar, Dublin 6

Cabinet clear-out is first step to tackling challenges ahead

When Yeats was told of the death of Synge, he set to bemoaning the cut of the country and, as was his wont, wrote the following:

Nor the best labourer dead,

And all the sheaves to bind


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