Ireland is no country for young men – IrishCentral

“That is no country for old men,” Irish poet WB Yeats scribed in the opening line of his poem “Sailing to Byzantium”.

An aging Yeats may have felt an outcast in Irish society when he penned the famous work, but he was wide of the mark in his assertion that Ireland is no place for the old. 

Ireland has always been a country for old men, a nation that casts aside its youth like a ragdoll at any given moment. That has never been more prevalent than it is in present-day Ireland. 

The Ireland of 2021 is no place for the young; it is a barren wasteland of soaring rents and house prices; of rising costs and stagnating wages. 

It is becoming almost impossible for young people to acquire property in Ireland, either through renting or buying it outright. 

The country is currently going experiencing its worst-ever rental shortage, according

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