Landlords issue more than 2000 evictions notices this year despite moratorium –

Landlords have issued more than 2,000 eviction notices since the start of the year, with more than half doing so because they intended to sell the property.

he number of notices of termination have been steadily increasing since lockdown restrictions were lifted in April.

Housing charity Threshold said the level of termination cases seen in 2021 “is startling” considering the four-month moratorium on evictions at the start of the year.

Figures provided by the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) shows in the first quarter of this year, 352 eviction notices were issued – despite Level 5 restrictions placing a ban on ending tenancies during lockdown.

The number more than doubled in quarter two, when 841 notices were issued, and increased again in quarter three as 887 eviction notices were given.

Plans to put the property up for sale were the biggest factor behind evictions, with just over 1,200 notices issued

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