Neighbours trapped between nightmare hoarder's two homes say they are 'living in hell' – The Mirror

Residents are furious at a nightmare neighbour who uses his two homes as a dumping ground for anything from spent radiators to oil-leaking cars.

The two properties in Romford, east London, are bursting with rubbish that attracts swarms of rats to feast on the “open sewer”, residents say.

Hoover waste, old radiators, sofas and white goods pack the garden, and neighbours feel great sympathy for the people living between the two dumping sites.

Looking out of their window on either side are chairs, doors, scrap metal, lawnmowers, two trailers, a kitchen sink and even abandoned cars leaking oil everywhere.

But landlord Keith Eaton continues to use his gardens as a tip despite repeated pleas from the community and being fined £4,726 by the local council, The Sun

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