People in Ireland more concerned about local than global environment issues – The Irish Times

A majority of people living rurally in Ireland say they would not park-up their cars in the event of a 10 per cent hike on petrol or diesel because the public transport options available are not good enough, research from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has found.

Almost 70 per cent of respondents from rural households indicated that they would continue to use their vehicles to the same extent if fuel price increased sharply because they have no alternative.

A smaller proportion of households (31 per cent) said they would not make energy efficiency improvements to their home even if taxes on home heating fuels went up by 10 per cent because of the up-front costs involved in retrofitting.

The CSO surveyed households on environmental matters in advance of the UN Cop26 climate summit, which is taking place in Glasgow. Some 25,000 households from every county participated in

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