Ryan O'Rourke: The costly joke of 'when my parents were my age' – Irish Examiner

As my generation nears the 30 mark, it is not uncommon for us to contemplate the pace at which our lives are moving, especially when we compare it to those who have walked the path before us.

“When my parents were my age” has become a solid opening line of a joke for those born in the 90s, the punchline often a depressing take on what has now become the norm.

A reinforced idolisation of “rise and grind” mentality keeps us marching forward. 

While some work multiple jobs, others learn to monetise hobbies as a means of “side hustle” or extra income.

And more so than ever, young people are throwing themselves into education in the hope that a masters or PhD will bring them to the greener fields on which they can build a life.

But across the board, it seems to be that we are hitting our life milestones at a much slower

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