Support for landlords needed for stronger PRS – ARLA Propertymark

With around 170 different pieces of legislation that must be adhered to within the private rented sector (PRS), the everchanging landscape of compliance combined with the mounting financial pressures triggered by policies such as Section 24 of the Finance (No. 2) Act 2015 and, more recently, debt arrears caused by COVID-19 more must be done to support landlords.

Support for landlords

With responsibilities for landlords increasing, costs to meet these responsibilities — such as additional homes surcharge across each of the UK nations’ land transactions systems — are also mounting which could be leading to many landlords selling their properties or diversifying into the short-term lets sector. 

Avoiding over-regulation across the UK should be a priority to keep existing landlords in the sector as well as attract new buy-to-let investment. 

Propertymark has consistently called for the enforcement of existing rules, which we believe should be the main

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