Municipality seeking to negotiate with Parks Canada for new deal – Yahoo News Canada

The Municipality of Jasper wants to begin negotiations with Parks Canada in hopes of gaining control over land-use planning and development and ceasing land rent payments to Ottawa.

In an interview with the Fitzhugh, Mayor Richard Ireland said the recent election helped solidify a mandate for council to pursue this matter and a plebiscite was not necessary.

“We were always a bit dissatisfied with the land rent provision and the lack of any involvement in land-use planning and development issues,” Ireland said.

“But it has taken all of these years to bring the public to where it was at this election. And I think it’s fair to say that through the election process, and leading up to it, there was evidence of broad community support for our efforts.

“And so, I think council, in the absence for the need for a plebiscite, is well positioned with the public to pursue negotiations right now.”

Attaining autonomy

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