High Court: Foot Locker loses claim to reduce rent payments based on 'partial frustration' of Grafton Street lease – Irish Legal News

The High Court has dismissed a claim brought by Foot Locker Retail Ireland Limited for declarations that it was entitled to not pay rent to its landlord between March and June 2020 when its store was closed by law. The company argued that the lease was partially frustrated by the Covid-19 restrictions during the period.

Grafton Street store's claim that pandemic partially frustrated lease is rejected – BreakingNews.ie

A claim by the operator of a footwear and clothing store in Dublin’s Grafton Street that its lease was partially frustrated as a result of having to close due to the pandemic lockdowns has been rejected by the High Court. The Foot Locker store operators had asked the court to find it had liability for

Court rejects Foot Locker claim over Grafton Street store lease – The Irish Times

The High Court has rejected a claim by the operator of a Grafton Street footwear and clothing store that its lease was partially frustrated as a result of having to close due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. The Foot Locker store operators had asked the court to find it had liability for only part of the

Chef sentenced after one killed and 31 left ill by undercooked shepherd's pie – The Irish Times

A church harvest supper at a village pub in England ended in tragedy when one of the congregation was killed and 31 others suffered food poisoning after eating a shepherd’s pie filled with mince that had been incorrectly prepared by a rushing chef. Elizabeth Neuman (92) repeatedly vomited after eating the pie and died, while

Elaine Loughlin: State needs a 'Goldilocks approach' to housing crisis – Irish Examiner

LAST week, Leo Varadkar announced he had taken the developer soup and wanted to dole it out across the Dáil — or at least that’s what it appeared like at first glance. In a few sharp sentences, the Tánaiste denounced our long-held obsession with the three-bed semi and argued that smaller, one-bed apartments were what

Key changes to be made to the UK Telecoms Code – Lexology

In January this year, the government launched a consultation and sought views from industry on a number of issues relating to the implementation of the (new) Telecoms Code, which came into force at the end of 2017. The consultation asked respondents to comment on a range of issues, including, obtaining and using Code agreements, rights

How you can get hundreds compensation for mould in your home from your landlord… – The Sun

FAMILIES forced to live in mouldy homes could get hundreds of pounds in compensation from their landlord.  It’s estimated that a staggering 1.9million rented households are living with hazards that pose a serious risk to tenants’ health and safety. NINTCHDBPICT000696071436Credit: Getty Charity Shelter has said the worsening housing crisis is making millions of people sick.

A Kerry aristocrat in the 18th Century – The Irish Catholic

A Man of his Times: The Papers of Robert FitzGerald, 17th Knight of Kerry by Adrian FitzGerald (Kingdom Books) This is a valuable collection of the correspondence of Robert FitzGerald (1716-1781), knight of Kerry. The knights of Kerry belong to an early branch of the mighty Geraldines. There is uncertainty as to exactly how or

Former soldier sent politician chilling tweet that he should be shot behind the ear – Mirror.co.uk

A military veteran has been sentenced for tweeting that a member of the Scottish Parliament should be assassinated. Andrew Brews served in Northern Ireland and said that MSP James Dornan, who is an SNP politician for Glasgow Cathcart, “deserved one behind the ear.” He described the politician as a “dirty little Nationalist rat.” Brews, a

Dispute over reducing assets below €2.3m goes to Commercial Court – The Irish Times

A dispute between the Revenue and a businessman over a High Court order preventing him from reducing his assets below €2.3 million has been admitted to the fast-track Commercial Court list. Paul Howard, a builder and landlord, of Larkfield Avenue, Harolds Cross, Dublin, opposed Revenue’s application for entry of the case to the commercial list.