Landlords could face fines if they don't register their tenants, says the Residential Tenancies Board – Irish Mirror

Over 15,000 rogue landlords could face hefty fines for failing to register tenants, the country’s leading rental standards watchdog has warned. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has singled out these rogue landlords a number of ways, including getting local councils to send on names of all people receiving government payments for tenants on low income.

Mick: The Residential Tenancies Board Is a Good Idea, Flawed in Practice – Dublin Inquirer

Photo by Simon Auffret The Central Statistic Office’s Housing Profile, published last Thursday, provided further evidence of the exponential growth of the rental sector in Ireland. Home ownership is at its lowest rate since the early 1970s, and renters have become the majority in some urban areas. What the CSO figures tell us is that

Two landlords to pay €3,500 for failing to register tenancies – Irish Times

Two landlords have received criminal convictions for failing to register their tenancies. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has secured criminal convictions against two landlords who failed to register their tenancies, despite receiving a number of statutory notices and warning letters instructing them to do so. In the first case proceedings were taken against Eileen Maguire