Property Management Software

For Private Landlords & Letting Agents

A comprehensive web-based software solution to help private landlords & letting agents to be more efficient & streamline the management of their rental properties.


Simplifing Property Management

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Real-time Access To Information

Your information, when you need it, on any device.

Access real-time data anywhere you have internet connection.

Ideal for when you are inspecting your property or collecting rent.

Manage Multi-Unit / Pre-63 / Student Rooms / Commercial Units

Easily link rental units as blocks.

Account reporting on buildings or rental units.

Accurately Manage Tenant Accounts

Always know what charges are outstanding and for how long.

Especially useful if you are receiving part-payments, thus reducing conflict later over what is due.

Easily track multiple part payments, like when HAP & Tenant both pay.

Maintenance Scheduling And History

Get reminders when maintenance is due, log notes & photographs.

Ensure works are carried out promptly and avoid friction with your tenants.

Easily document all works, supporting you in any case arising with the RTB.

Built-in Library Of RTB Compliant Templates

Need to issue a document that is complient with the RTB, we’ve got you covered with our built in library.

Easily issue Late Rent Notices, Inspection Notices, Rent Increases etc.

Become more efficient, save valuable time and reduce administration.

With our online document creation & storage, easily find what you need anytime.

Colour Coded Calendar View

See colour coded reminders on a calendar view.

Know when tasks are due, i.e. rent collection, lease renewals, maintenance, viewings, move in/out etc.

GDPR Compliance & Data Protection

We get tenants approval with our unique tenant application process.

And remind you when it is time to dispose of information no longer required.


EasyPM is a web-based online property management software solution that enables Private Landlords, Letting Agents & Property Managers of rental properties to take complete control of every aspect of their business, including the rent, maintenance and compliance issues.

With over 14 dedicated modules, including Viewings, Documents, Utilities & Maintenance, managing your rental properties while complying with your landlord obligations has just got easier.


EasyPM aims to provide you with the most comprehensive platform for managing your property rentals with pricing based on usage, i.e. the number of units you manage.

We also don’t lock you into a contract. Our goal is to provide your business with the best software, coupled with the best customer service in the industry, so you choose to use it because you love it rather than be forced to use it because of a contract.

With property management software from EasyPM, you will be able to accurately manage tenant statements, streamline inspections & maintenance, and much more.

Plus, if you choose, you can allow your tenants and landlords access to view just what they need, like statements and maintainence issues, thus reducing paperwork.